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    Customers visit from Poland Valeo

          On January 18th,2017, representatives of Poland Valeo Group investigate out company. Chairman and president of Jiezhong Mr.Sun Qiugen, Vice-general manager Mr. Sun Kun and Mr.Lou Wenting and Quality Director Mr.Liu Peng warmly receive customers.

          They have a great communicate during visiting. Representatives of Poland Valeo Group get to know the further plan of Jiezhong and visit plant including mold machining center, injection workshop, assembly workshop, inspection center, etc. They checked the process of production and get to know all products. It has the great cooperation between Valeo and Jiezhong in these years. New look of the Jiezhong is approval to Valeo during visiting time. Representatives point out few shortages and look forward more changes in Jiezhong. They make some suggestion for development of Jiezhong in the future, which makes us better to launch deeper cooperation. 

    (Customers visit measurement room ) 

                       (Customers visit measurement room )                                                                             (Customers visit injection workshop)

                       (Discussion in conference room)