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    Upgrade equipment for 2017

           Zhejiang Jiezhong takes technical innovation as purpose, constantly learning technics, importing new equipment and intensifying reforms. To satisfy the demand of production, Jiezhong improve ability of production and quality of products. Jiezhong invest capital in advanced processing equipment including Swiss Agie Chamilles WEDM-LS, Zeiss coordinate measuring, Demag injection machine, Engel injection machine, Novick WEDM-MS, Novick precision CNC EDM, etc.

          Rely on our colleagues hardworking, there are five Demag injection machine working smoothly and reach our target. Three more Demag machine will coming soon.

          Demag company provide the professional operation lessons. Many of colleagues learning the lessons and repeated practice in order to master operation skills better.  

          New equipment reduces the labor, increase labor productivity and stabilize quality of products. Thus, Jiezhong would have better development in the future. 


                                 (Swiss Agie Chamilles WEDM-LS)                                                                                       (Demag injection machine)

                                             (Novick WEDM-MS)